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Research Paper Topics

Mistakes You Never Make Again With Research Paper Topics

The first step of any research paper writing is obviously research itself; that means for you to collect information and data meaningful and relevant to the topic. The students usually go to the library and read all the sources listed in the assignment guidelines. This activity comes from the main idea of research paper topics that is dedicated into compilation and interpretation of factual materials and opinions of critics on a specific subject in a literary work.

Research Paper Process Organization

  1. Research Paper Topic examination. Please study your assignment attentively along with all the requirements provided. It is extremely important as far you shouldn’t be misled by wrong understanding of your task.
  2. Start your research with an objective to make a legitimate thesis statement.
  3. Make a bibliography draft list ordering all the sources available. Make the copy of all data that seem important.
  4. Take notes selecting one method from 2 optional: copies highlighting and index cards.
  5. Prepare an outline under basis of information highlighted or indexed.
  6. Make the preliminary draft by means of inserting the relative citation into the drafted text.
  7. Make the list of works you used for citation.
  8. Make a break before the first draft proofreading.
  9. Make the final version.
  10. Proofread the final version.

Remember! Your sources should be relevant, valid and reliable. The best option for sources selection is primary data from official documents or statistics data. The secondary sources can be used also; but they should be legitimate critics from outstanding experts or historical references.

The main principles of research paper topics writing:

  1. Communicate the result of your research to the audience. Start your thesis in the very beginning.
  2. Clear thinking will lead you to clear writing, not vise versa. Make your text bright; plan your work in advance to avoid muddled writing.


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Research Paper Targets

  1. Ideas and thoughts communication.
  2. Experiments and results description.
  3. Make the reader thinking about your ideas.

Research paper audience includes the following groups of specialists:

  • Experts both inside and outside your area;
  • Professors and undergrads;
  • Industry practitioners;
  • Researchers both current and previous.

Hack: Editing

Editing will help you to tailor the paper. In fact, 90% of writing is always editing. The main approaches of editing are:

– delete all the unnecessary words;

– divide the long sentences;

– rearrange the sentences to make them clear;

– switch the passive voice into active.

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