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Argumentative Essay Topics

Most Effective Tactics to Challenge Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays requires from the writer to present an argument with pros and cons on a disputable issue. Pros are the supporting ideas, and cons are the opposing ideas. The main objective of such essays is to make people change their opinions keeping in mind that they feel comfortable and are not eager to change them.

Epic Essay Topic Formula

The variety of argumentative essay topics does not guarantee the easy selection of a suitable one. The topic should be correspondent to the following requirements:

  • Be narrowed down;
  • Contain an argument;
  • Can be adequately supported with statistical data, source citations, etc.

Argumentative essay topics are always being debated by the society currently. The objective of such essays is not to demonstrate your knowledge, but to exhibit the critical thinking and analytical skills.


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Actions to Take First

  • Before you start writing make a list of pros and cons and select the most suitable including supporting and refusing.
  • Introduction paragraph is for grabbing the reader’s attention. Give the essay idea immediately and provide the background data, terms definitions and sketch the plan.
  • Don’t start your introduction with words
  • Think about your paper organization in advance. Try to arrange it by topic, it is more effective than chronological order. Do not organize your paper by source if you are not asked.
  • Make your paper reading-friendly by means of signposts arrangement on every sentence. Start your papers with a claim, the follow with evidence and warrant.
  • Build your academic paper as a dialogue with your reader.
  • Include the definitions of the major terms and use qualifying words:
    • quantity: many, most, some;
    • frequency: often, usually, frequently;
    • probability: probably, unlikely;
    • proof: suggests, indicates, points to.

Do NOT Actions List

Avoid the following tactics in your papers:

  • Do not use emotional arguments and feelings;
  • Irrelevant samples;
  • Distortions;
  • Unreliable and false outside resources.

To persuade someone you will need strong facts, opinions of authorities and the main task is not to leave anything for doubts of your reader. All the sources should be reliable, valid, and up-to-date. As argumentative essay topics are always elaborated from current social interests and usually discussed in the political debates in the media. The topic itself can be also ethical, religious, social or political in nature. Your task is to challenge the audience to re-examine the values by altering deeply held principles providing new evidence and points of view.

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