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Reflective Essay

What No One Tells You About Reflective Essay

Reflective essay is targeted to demonstrate the personal thoughts and experiences of the writer. It seeks the author to make the deep look at himself speaking, discovering and showing the important issues of personal perception to the readers.

The writer unveil their personal experience through the essay content to exhibit the major meaning of social relations understanding as well as the philosophical analysis of everyday life. The students are expected to show creativity along with ability for unique perception of social matters.

Good essay requires the author sharing his/her individual understanding of the topic essay through the prism of personal experience. As the most of such essays topics are rhetorical the common attitude to the social phenomenon should be demonstrated. The author should show the impact of something happened on his/her life.

The essay should be structured in accordance to the certain algorithm that is standard to any essay. That is introduction with an opening paragraph; the middle part giving the variety of author’s ideas; and concluding sentences with a summary and reflection of the general topic perception.

Guide to Writing a Reflective Essay

Firstly, plan all the activities for the best quality writing. Read the topic attentively, think about it. Next, make the research by reading newspapers and magazines paying attention to opinion and comments sections. Debate programs on TV can also help you to finish the research step. Make draft and work it out. The first draft never is used for submission. Read it several times, edit and think again. Include your feelings, emotions, memories and opinions and think about the reasons to make you feel this way.


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Tips and Tricks

  • Introduce your topic immediately to hook the readers’ attention
  • Make the body interesting to read, don’t leave it boring.
  • Give the personal tone to the essay text to make it sound unique.
  • Use a small anecdote, quote or flashback.
  • Do not use adjectives happy, sad, and good. They are colorless and don’t say anything.
  • Use the full scope of punctuation opportunities. It will make the text shining.
  • Make a reflection of the gained experience.

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