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Tips on Writing a Thesis Statement

Jun 06, 2017 by TopGradeEssay.com

Tips on Writing a Thesis Statement

What is a thesis statement? How to write a thesis and what is it necessary for? Every student needs answers to these questions at different points of his or her education process. A thesis statement typically consists of one sentence where you need to introduce the core idea of your paper. Some students mistakenly consider it as the topic of the assignment. Well, it is not. A thesis statement is supposed to reflect some judgments and arguments on the given topic. Find out some useful tips on how to write a strong thesis statement.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement?

The first thing we need to do in order to understand how to write a thesis is to define what features make your statement strong. Check our list of some essential aspects on this issue:

  • A good thesis should define the direction of your paper. Avoid too long and complicated sentences. Try to limit the main idea and the core of your work you are going to talk about. You need to provide supportive ideas and arguments further in the body paragraphs;
  • A strong statement means proof. Still wondering how to write a thesis statement? Highlight proof and support the statement with some evidence that must be interesting for the reader;
  • Indicate any supporting points to make a stronger thesis statement.

Where Should a Thesis Statement be in a Paper?

After you’ve learnt how to write a thesis, you need to know where it should go in your assignment. Typically, this part of your work comes right after the introduction. It is supposed to guide your reader to the first body paragraph. Some students mistakenly put it at the beginning of the essay or research paper, which is certainly wrong. It may make the reader fill confused or misled by the main idea.

Before you get started with an assignment, you may benefit from some of the following tips on how to write a thesis:

  • Investigate a topic. You need to have a deep knowledge of the topic in order to summarize its key issues and ideas. You will hardly write a good thesis in case you are not familiar with the subject or field you are going to cover in your work;
  • Always consider brainstorming. Getting started is actually the most challenging part for the majority of students. If you do not know how to write a thesis, take a sheet of paper and write down every idea that comes to your mind. Do not be scared to note the most unbelievable thoughts. They may appear to be rather handy.

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