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How to Write a Synthesis Paper?

Nov 07, 2017 by TopGradeEssay.com

How to Write a Synthesis Paper?

Once you have learned to write a great argumentative essay, got excellent marks and appreciation of the teacher, it’s high time you made a step forward and learned how to write a synthesis essay. The name may sound a bit overwhelming and intimidating. But you have nothing to worry about. In this article, we will guide you through all steps of writing this type of academic paper. We will also provide some useful writing tips that will certainly put an ease on the process.

However, the first thing we need to do is to give the definition to synthesis essay. What is it and what features does this type of academic assignment have? The mission of this paper is the same as in the argumentative essay. You need to provide a strong argument on the topic using various sources. The only difference is that you are not able to choose the sources on your own. They will be provided by the professor. You can use those sources only to substantiate your argument. Sounds pretty tough, doesn’t it? Do not worry. We will help you to figure out how to write a synthesis essay.

Synthesis Paper Writing Tips

The task may appear to be easier then it may seem. Avoid unclear topics and follow these writing steps:

  1. Read the given sources carefully. This is the first and foremost step even if you have already decided on your position. While you are reading the source, try to make some logical connections with your point of view and look through general information.
  2. Define the position of your own. Once you are done with reading the source, you need to decide on your own position. It can be a positon you want to take, as you are not obliged to believe in it. All you need is to support your arguments in the most efficient manner.
  3. Stick to your position. Once you choose a position, you should never let it go in your paper. Stick to it even if you do not believe in it. You need to deliver as efficient arguments as possible.
  4. Write a string thesis. Writing a thesis statement is the major part of any academic assignment especially if you study in college or university. The idea with the synthesis essay is the same.
  5. Write and edit. Now you need to write your paper in an as flawless manner as you can. The slightest grammar mistake may lead to failure. Make sure you stick to the right writing style.

In some cases, you will also need to draft an outline. It will also turn out to be a good helper in case you do not know how to write a synthesis essay. If you feel like the task is too complicated for you, our professional writers are here to help. Contac us and order premium quality papers at a reasonable price.

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